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The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book has a chapter called Resources. That's where I busted my tail to provide you with the best and most up-to-date Bond related links. (Alphabetical within category.)

Official Sites
Ian Fleming Center: Information on books in print.
James Bond Films: The official MGM site.
The James Bond International Fan Club: The only official fan club and a spiffy general website as well.

General-Topic Sites
007 Forever: Enormous, but no longer updated. Extensive trivia, lyrics to every James Bond song, essays, gadget data, really good humor. Owned by Matt Sherman, who also runs the Bond Collector's Weekend.
Agent James Bond: All the basics (films, girls, gadgets) and a big music section, plus stuff for gamers.
The Bond Film Informant: A favorite. Accurate, carefully researched, and very informative.
Bond Movies: Films, girls, gadgets, plus wallpapers, bloopers, behind the scenes, sound clips; even guitar tabs — really loaded!
Bond Supplement: Focusing on news and media appearances.
Commander Bond: The largest Bond fansite on the Internet! Excellent news and features, plus fan fiction, news, a “book club,” and more. Great message boards as well. Another favorite.
The Commanders Club of San Francisco: Emphasizes the literary James Bond; excellent data on Ian Fleming.
Kim Last's Site: The first Bond Internet site, going back to 1995. Low-tech but comprehensive. Updated regularly. (The height chart is nonsense, though.)
Her Majesty's Secret Servant: Online magazine; rarely releases new material, but great essays of the thoughtful, analytic sort.
Universal Exports: All the basics, news, plus a “baby photo album” (early shots of Bond stars), a “Firsts” section, “Lesser Known Elements,” collectibles and shopping links, and much more.

Specialized Sites
Blofeld's Cat: The home of two unusual Bond sites; the On Her Majesty's Secret Service Tribute Page, and Sheriff Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (which simply has to be seen to be believed!). Also hosts a Persuaders fan site.
Make Mine a 007: The Drinking Man's (and Woman's) Guide : The only site devoted exclusively to alcoholic beverages as featured in the Bond movies and novels. Unique and encyclopedic.
On the Tracks of 007: Devoted entirely to James Bond locations; free information, plus a CD available for purchase. They also have a travel club.
SpyGuise: A spy memorabilia/collector site, hosted by Bond author Lee Pfeiffer.
The Thunderball Obsessional You've got to admire such a single-minded fan.

Message Boards
Absolutely James Bond
Mania 007 Forum
CommanderBond.net Forums
Universal Exports: The MI6 Debriefing Room